Our asset management consultancy service helps property sellers, buyers and property investors to develop a thematic strategy, develop a framework for decision making, and provide information for property appraisals in Chania real estate market.

For every client we apply a unique decision support tool in conjunction with performance reports for active asset management, allowing landlords to identify poorly performing assets and examine the options available to deliver the best outcomes for themselves and their tenants.

Whether working across rural, residential or commercial assets, our experts always tailor their services to your needs, with the main objective of achieving value for money at the forefront of their advice.

At Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES the aim of our asset management services is to increase the value of the properties we manage to deliver good investment performance and high return of investments for our clients.Maria Gkika

Whereas many investors and real estate firms rely solely on third party support, at Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES we recognize the advantage of local representation in areas that we operate, allowing us to secure better property assets and risks mitigation for our portfolio.

We apply our own experience, as well as that of our local engineering teams, to develop and implement asset business plans with realistic objectives that can be achieved within a given time frame. We target property assets with long-term potential and those where value can be added via macro-term letting, promotion, refurbishment, development and redevelopment.


Asset Management & Consultancy services in Chania, Crete
Asset Management

Chania Housing Surveying, Compliance & Project Delivery

Chania Real Estate has developed a bespoke system of automated digital data processing the occupation types of residential – commercial property. From rental through intermediate forms of tenure, including shared ownership, through to owner occupation.

Asset Management

Renewable Energy & Infrastructure Asset Management

What was formerly innovation is now reliable and accessible. We focus on energy and infrastructure assets with a primary focus on sustainable energy sources, such as solar and wind. In close cooperation with ANEMORPHOSIS we evaluate opportunities, analyze risks and provide applicable solutions.

Asset Management

Residential Asset Management

We manage some of the most desirable properties in Chania. Our business is to provide our clients with residential management solutions that help their properties operate smoothly, increase in desirability and enhance property investment value.

Asset Management

Rural Asset Management

Land is a valuable real estate asset, but will only achieve its full potential if it is used and managed wisely. ARENCORES and Chania Real Estate management team provides our clients the strategic insights to establish the highest possible value for their properties.

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