From valuation, technical due diligence, land sales and acquisitions, through to property management and our advisory transactional support, our development service can be applied across residential, commercial, rural and other type of projects throughout the island of Crete.

There is no better time to invest in Chania real estate market! ARENCOS is the expert when it comes to property investment development and management. We have mastered the options available for foreign and domestic investors for more than ten years.

We provide high quality property investment consultation to facilitate our clients identify the right set of properties to invest and reach their financial goals. Our consultants are among the very best in Chania and will help you design a personalized approach to identify, manage or develop a real estate project.

We are happy to offer a professional consultation service dedicated to your development needs. With a strong network of development experts at our disposal, we are able to tailor our services to satisfy our clients’ demands and requirements, whether a land owner, developer or investor. Our clients are at the heart of our business and we always take the time to understand their needs and demands.

All of our work is backed by market-leading research team  enabling us to advise clients on the current trends and challenges across the market risks and uncertainties.


Asset Management & Consultancy services in Chania, Crete

Development Valuation

Our team specializes solely on the property market of Chania, Crete. Mastering the unique capabilities required for a reliable development valuation is essential to the quality of service we bring to private and corporate land owners, developers, and investors.


Portfolio Advisory

Whether you want help with your real estate project, comprehensive wealth management, or other goals, we can help. Available through ARENCORES® Wealth Services, we can help simplify the complexities of investing in the property market of Chania.


Strategic Land

We work closely with our research team to identify real estate opportunities and properties with high return of investment. Our strategy in property buying and selling process, includes a plethora of carefully selected metrics to improve asset management performance and establish transparency, no matter the sector or type of asset.

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