Every real estate project and development starts with a valuation. Determining financial viability and technical feasibility is key to the success of a project – getting that right is crucial.

Our team specializes solely on the property market of Chania, Crete. Mastering the unique capabilities required for a reliable development valuation is essential to the quality of service we bring to private and corporate land owners, developers, and investors.

A broad and reliable development valuation service to anyone involved in the real estate business from a dedicated team.Maria Gkika

The overriding objective is to deliver value, total quality, transparency and performance excellence to our clients. Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation and respect for the requirements of each investor, we aim to exceed expectations.

We value properties in Chania with (and without) potential to be developed, covering buying agreements, mediation, technical due diligence and project management.

Our property valuation capabilities are supported by local real estate agents and we also call upon the reports and insights generated by the research department of ARENCORES. This combination delivers a broad, deep and comprehensive development valuation service.



Portfolio Advisory

Whether you want help with your real estate project, comprehensive wealth management, or other goals, we can help. Available through ARENCORES® Wealth Services, we can help simplify the complexities of investing in the property market of Chania.


Strategic Land

We work closely with our research team to identify real estate opportunities and properties with high return of investment. Our strategy in property buying and selling process, includes a plethora of carefully selected metrics to improve asset management performance and establish transparency, no matter the sector or type of asset.

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