Chania Real Estate Info & Insight is our hub for residential and commercial articles and research from experts offering advice and analysis on the latest trends and risks of the property market. Chania Real Estate belongs to ARENCORES specializing in investment strategies of all property types across the island of Crete with focus on Chania property market. We provide insightful articles and research papers to facilitate property sellers, buyers and investors discover excellent opportunities.


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In Chania Real Estate we are using a systematic monitoring of the real estate market developments and prospects.  By implementing a comprehensive analysis of the macroeconomic conditions and prospects of the Greek economy we can provide reliable prognosis about the values and quality features of both residential and commercial properties in the island of Crete.

Chania Real Estate Data Intelligence.

ARENCORES Research provides thoughtful, forward-looking insight into Chania real estate trends, risks and opportunities in the Prefecture of Chania to guide our clients in achieving distinctive excellence, lasting success in the long term.

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    Chania Market Outlook (2019).

    Within the tourist & logistics sector, which in Crete remains blisteringly hot, foreign investors and investment funds are racing to build economically viable real estate assets and services that can handle same-day fulfillment and high investment returns as efficiently as possible.

    Chania Property Market Outlook (2019)

    Visit our dedicated Chania Property Guides and discover what to see and visit – best attractions and sightseeing, famous touristic places, beaches and the latest trends in the area of your interest.

    The Guide covers towns, villages and small settlements in Apokoronas, Kissamos, Platanias, Sfakia,Kandanos and Chania.

    RESTful is a state of art research platform in our approach of adopting a well-founded, inclusive, and pluralistic view of the real estate market of Chania. The platform provides individual city and cross market reporting. RESTful allows local data from multiple areas to be assembled into a single global database quickly and efficiently.

      Our rigorous approach to modeling and forecasting, combined with the local market expertise of research professionals, underscores an unmatched research platform for providing directional advice, insightful decision-making and, ultimately, better real estate transactions. Learn more about our services.



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