Wondering which documents are necessary to sell a property in Chania, Crete? This guide will help you plan for all of these when you work out your real estate transaction.

Property Selling Process: DeedsThe seller should provide all Deeds and plans of the property to the agent who in turn will give them to the buyer’s lawyer and engineer (if any) in order for them to do their inspections and give the green light for the buy. Prior to the decision for a sale, the property owner should appoint an engineer to verify the legality of the property and provide a legality certificate which is by law obligatory for the property selling process. It is rehttps://arencores.com/buying-a-property-in-chania/property-legalization-law/commended that the seller ensures that the status of the property is in line with the recent laws regarding selling a property. The engineer shall provide all building permit documents, topography, building plans, building permission as well as the legality documents of the property.

Property Selling Process - green certificateThe green certificate (ΠΕΑ) is provided by the seller’s engineer and is indispensable for the property selling process. Note that, according to the current legislation, the ΠΕΑ certificate is valid for ten years and is a referred to the property and not the owner.

A Guide to Sell a Property in Greece - National InsuranceThe seller’s accountant should prepare the tax documents for the selling process, that is, the property tax (ENFIA) and tax clearance certificates, as well as a National Insurance (IKA) Clearance if necessary.

Property Selling Process: clearance certificateIf the property for sale involves building(s), then a clearance certificate (ΤΑΠ) from the Town hall should also be obtained by the seller, as it is required for the property selling process at the Notary.

Property Selling Process: Hellenic CadastreAdditional certificates may be required depending on the area where the property for sale is situated in respect to specific regulations that apply to the property area (Hellenic Cadastre, TOEB clearance etc.).

Property Selling Process - InfoThe aforementioned documentation should be checked with the Notary by the time of the sale, as the Greek Legislation regarding the property selling process may be subject to changes.

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