Selling commercial property successfully requires an up-to-date awareness of the Chania property market values, a careful understanding of the legislation framework as well as an understanding of what commercial property buyers are looking for.

We understand that selling a commercial property can be sometimes complicated and confusing for the property sellers, and we also understand that there are many steps along the way that add complexity to the process.

At Chania Real Estate we will guide you through the property selling process step-by-step. From the initial file setup stages, through to the exchanging of contracts and any processes that need to be completed before you have delivered the keys to the buyer.

Whenever we are instructed to sell a commercial property on behalf of a client we often get asked: “What happens next?” . This is the safe route leads to guaranteed success.Maria Gkika

From our office in Chania we put property sellers and buyers directly in touch with our local property experts, using market analysis, trends evaluation and regulatory framework knowledge to help them navigate the complex commercial property selling processes. We will also establish a qualitative approach that you will benefit from a completely transparent process that will keep you well informed throughout.

If you are looking to sell a commercial property, you can be sure that when you choose Chania Real Estate (ARENCORES) as your real estate agency firm you will be getting a professional and quality service.

Rest assured that throughout the commercial property selling process you will be fully informed about the requirements, and we will always act with your best interests in mind. We have worked alongside many clients in the past ranging from individuals to property portfolio firms.



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Selling a Commercial Property in Chania

Thinking about Selling ?

Is selling your property the right option for you? Get the right advice and market insights to assist you in your decision making.

Sell your property in Chania with ARENCORES: Our experience and meticulous local knowledge provide us with a deep understanding of Chania real estate market and how to achieve best price. We promote your property through various property sites, use social media advertising, email marketing and tailored advertisement campaigns.  We do our best to achieve an average of 97% of the asking price for every property that we sell – a commitment of professionalism and expertise.

How to Sell a Commercial Property in Chania, Crete

Selling commercial property in Chania, Crete could take anything from a five-ten weeks to a year or longer. Whether it’s an office or a small hotel, all selling timescales are significantly influenced by synergistic market elements such as the property price and current local demand for a commercial property of your type, location and size.

Other more legislative factors such as the possible local planning constraints as well as any issues with the title of the commercial property itself (legalization issues) could also influence the timescale of the selling process.

In addition to location and distance from the airport, port, city centre, commercial property marketing campaigns also need to include extra details on the available square meters of the property. The zoning characteristics or and building allowance of your commercial property, will also be of interest to the potential buyers.

If in any doubt about the selling price of your commercial property in Chania, Crete, you can request a commercial valuation. You can apply for a commercial property valuation through our site by clicking here – just provide some basic details about your commercial property for sale and we will call you back to discuss current commercial property market values in your area.

The amount your commercial property is worth is subject to a range of factors, which include:


  • Property location
  • Size and facilities
  • Aesthetics
  • Renovation potential
  • Investment potential
  • Supply and demand
  • The price of recently sold properties in the surrounding areas
  • Market trends
  • Property market performance
  • Availability of similar properties
  • Economic outlook
  • The condition of your property

All offers you receive for your commercial property should go through your  real estate agent. Υour agent will be able to formally advise you of any offers, but if you receive more than one the following points can help you figure out which buyer would be the best option for your property:

  • Considering the initial budget of the buyer and their investment objective
  • Whether they are a cash buyer or wishing to pay differently
  • If their willing to acquire the property, or if they just like to make negotiations without knowledge of the market and the property’s value.

If you have accepted an offer, a draft Sale Agreement will be prepared for you and the purchaser to approve.

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