Our standards of conduct include Rules of Ethics and a number of mandatory standards that apply to all professional members of our firm.

Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES identify “Ethical Values” as basic policy, procedures and rules that our teams and partners have to comply with. By Ethical Values, our goal is to ensure that our team demonstrate behaviors with high interaction standards and to ensure that we demonstrate the highest quality attitudes.

Our social responsibility:

Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES’ corporate social responsibility policy has been developed in line with our mission, our business concept and our values. To ensure long-term success and achieve our mission, we have chosen to focus on the following areas:

Society: Our business aims to foster social integration and a multicultural society in Chania, Crete. We also strive to improve the quality of life of our end-customers and facilitate their decision making by breaking down real estate barriers and enabling communication.

Environment: Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES services and tasks do not involve any significant impact on the environment. However, the services we provide need to take account of sustainability issues and we endeavour to minimize our environmental impact. We minimize property viewings by selecting specific open days and we are using bikes for all our activities in the city of Chania.

Employees: We endeavour to be a responsible employer. For us, this means creating a workplace that promotes diversity and treats all employees equally, as well as fostering professional development and encouraging employee involvement.

Social Responsibility Chania Real Estate

Our technologies, solutions, services, tools and employees play a critical role in addressing issues that impact quality of life in the local communities we serve. ARENCORES recognizes the strong connection between our strategic objectives and various economic, environmental and social factors. It’s why we focus our sustainability efforts on employee welfare, responsible use of resources and a social responsibility to the communities in which we operate.

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