If you have land that can be developed, you need a real estate expert at your side, advising on your entitlements, development prospects, options and procedures. With a team of real estate professionals Chania Real Estate has built enviable expertise in selling and buying land estates in Chania, Crete for new projects, then turning potential into reliable development opportunities.

As many as 15%-25% of sites have major problems that mean they either cannot be developed or will not make a profit so getting professional advice from a local expert, before you purchase the land, is significantly important to resolve potential problems or manage the related uncertainties.

Before you actually purchase a piece of land in Chania, Crete, you have to decide what type of investment strategy should be implemented to establish the highest Return of Investment possible.

Considering buying development land and making a profit? Approach with Caution and Get Advice from the Start.Maria Gkika

In order to make a profit from buying and developing land there are a number of important strategies to consider:

  • Buy and Sell
  • Buy and Hold
  • Buy, Develop and Hold
  • Buy, Cultivate and Hold
  • Buy, Go Through Entitlement Process and Sell
  • Buy, Develop and Sell
  • Buy, Develop and Rent

At the same time there are also some risks involved in the process of buying a land:

  • Zoning Classification
  • Use of land (Planning Permission)
  • Zoning Restrictions
  • Environmental Issues
  • Access to Utilities

In Chania Real Estate we work for clients with land properties of all shapes and sizes in Apokoronas, Akrotiri, Kissamos, Chania, Sfakia, Kandanos, Palaiochora etc. This means we deal with individuals, private companies, local and foreign investors.

We add diversity, local knowledge and expertise via our research resources from our parent company ARENCORES and trust through our reputation and the positive feedback of our clients.



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Buying A New-Build Home

Whether you are considering a villa in Apokoronas, a family home in Kissamos, a buy-to-let investment in Chania City, or a small hotel in Agia Marina, we have a variety of developments, both completed or off plan for you to choose from.

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Buying A Residential Property

Residential property transactions are the most important and critical any of us ever undertake. Whether you’re buying a villa, flat, family house or waterfront property, Chania Real Estate’s highly experienced and dedicated team will help guide you through the buying process.

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Commercial Property Acquisition

Land is a valuable real estate asset, but will only achieve its full potential if it is used and managed wisely. ARENCORES and Chania Real Estate management team provides our clients the strategic insights to establish the highest possible value for their properties.

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Services For Property Buyers And Sellers In Chania, Crete

Wherever we spot real estate opportunities for our business, we use all the knowledge, experience and expertise we have at our disposal in order to fully realize their potential and opportunities. Chania real estate helps you find the property that satisfies your criteria through selected commercial and residential listings.

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