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I am very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge the team of Chania Real Estate provided us.
by Tom Cowan
Property Investor
They know the real estate market of Chania well and they have also helped me in so many ways.
by Anna Philips
Property Buyer
I was looking for an investment property appraisal. Their professionalism and honesty are unmatched.
by Kylie Jenner
Property Investor

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As a dedicated real estate investment management firm in Chania, Crete, we provide a full range of solutions that reduce risk and optimize returns for property buyers and investors. Find a service from real estate investment management & transaction to commercial real estate appraisal and from property management to real estate valuations & advisory.

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We know the ins and outs of Chania real estate market.

ARENCORES’ and Chania Real Estate Investment Advisory Services team provides a range of services to help our clients determine strategy and execute transactions involving commercial, residential and  investment properties. We deliver customized solutions for property owners and property sellers and help investors to position their properties for success.

Services to drive real estate performance and asset value.

Servicing a large and varied range of property types and advisory needs that emerge from the Chania property market. We help property owners enhance the value of their investments and with dedicated management strategies and property management services across all property types, we streamline operations, reduce costs, minimize risk and establish operations excellence.

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