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Chania Property market Insights


In-depth research and analysis into Chania property market trends, supported by forecasts and surveys to facilitate decision making and investments viability.

Our team has a wealth of real estate investment experience and specialist knowledge. ARENCORES provides a comprehensive range of professional services relating to estate management, acquisition, mediation and market research with a focus on the Chania real estate market to identify opportunities, market trends and risks.

Through comprehensive market research, Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES provide a systematic monitoring of real estate market developments and prospects in Chania to identify reliable data and prospects for property buyers, sellers and investors. To this end, ARENCORES compiles the Greek Real Estate Price Indices by using primary data/assessments about values, market indexes and quality parameters of both residential and commercial properties.

ARENCORES provides comprehensive and intelligent market research services to facilitate operating management, problem-solving and control purposes. Our market research can identify both opportunities and risks under intelligent differentiated approaches.

Properties identification and examination of competitive schemes is a sophisticated service that can be offered to our clients, based on a wide range of property data from Greece. We also may provide our customers with statistical information in relation to how desirable an investment in a real estate property could be.

Informing strategy and testing feasibility with specialist property market knowledge and and technical insight.
Property Investment Team

Our Market Research Approach

We monitor and identify commercial property trends and deliver projections to help our clients make critical decisions for their business’s future and decisions. ARENCORES team is continuously sourcing and analyzing a wide range of data, helping investors adapt to drivers outside their field and region that could impact their business or decisions. With regular research reports covering major property types ranging from office, retail and industrial to hotels, homes, villas and residential properties we develop and share custom reports tailored to our clients specific needs.

This is an effective approach to successfully buy, sell, lease or develop property with the best knowledge available, taking into account the political and economic factors affecting real estate decisions. All reports and publications are available on our research library as well as appearing on our dedicated real estate blog, which features the latest news, views and analysis prime property market in Greece and globally.

ARENCORES market research services include:

  • Economic drivers analysis of real estate demand and supply.
  • Real Estate market analysis for property market fundamentals.
  • Asset value forecasts.
  • Commercial Property Price Index ®
  • Renewable energy infrastructure modeling.

Here you can read more about our  Chania Real Estate Market Research.

ARENCOS Primary Data Access - APDA

From historical prices to new and novel research in the construction sector of Crete, discover our large collection of Real Estate, Architecture and Engineering articles, covering a range of disciplines, from the theoretical to the applied.

Chania Market data Analysis and Research

We offer a comprehensive suite of real estate tools for investors, real estate owners, buyers managers and brokers.

Our dedicated research, analytics and indexes, can help you make better investment decisions by providing the knowledge and understanding that you need to navigate complexity with confidence.

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