Project Management

From strategic planning to project completion.

Property Consultancy Services


From strategic planning through to completion we can help you to manage your project and deliver real value against the real estate business opportunity.

We work for real estate investors, developers, property owners and firms, managing the development, refurbishment or fit-out of property across the full range of sectors. Our work covers all aspects of project and property management, including risk management, procurement, contract administration and strategic project consultancy.

Chania Real Estate provides an integrated property management framework that is designed to optimize the value of real estate property assets for owners, investors and prospect buyers. We form strong, confidential connections with our clients, based on a deep understanding of their needs and requirements, drawn from our extensive experience in real estate and property management.

State-of-the-art project management expertise committed to being best-in-class in Crete.
Property Investment Team

Universally applied to each and every property, our dedicated and professional property management principles, ensure seamless and uninterrupted continuity of operations. ARENCORES Property Management can efficiently evaluate performance, recommend strategies, and implement programs that revitalize an asset, maximize returns and reaffirm the commitment of ownership.

Property Management And Investment Management Solutions

  • Private Wealth Management (PWM) secures, develops and manages relationships and negotiations with investors, corporate investors and developers.
  • Institutional Business works to develop and execute thoughtful investment solutions for our real estate customers which include individuals, corporate and private investors, foundations, insurers and institutions.
  • Third-Party Distribution (TPD) primarily targets individuals, investors and real estate developers through financial intermediaries and intelligence forecasting to identify high ROI opportunities.
  • ARENCORES Intelligence (Ai) identifies real estate investment opportunities across a wide range of properties and under several criteria, market indicators and risk scenarios. The focus is to generate reliable and economically viable investment prospects.
Project Management Services - Chania Real Estate

Do you need an agent?

Buy or sell your property with Chania Real Estate. Historical prices, inspections, negotiations legality checks and other dedicated services are available to facilitate your decision making.

Property Consultancy

We provide a fully integrated property consultancy service from project inception and strategy formulation through to project delivery and implementation.

Housing Consultancy

Chania Real Estate provides high-quality housing consultancy and research services tailored to meet the individual requirements and particular needs of each of our clients.

Our team are experienced in Chania’s real estate research and consultancy and is supported by specialized IT resources and a network with other divisions offering clients a reliable and efficient resource and reporting capability.

Project Consultancy

Since 2014 ARENCORES – our parent company – provides successful project consultancy solutions for new projects and developments. It is safe to say that we have evolved a lot in this time and in the process we have naturally extended our project consultation service range.


In cooperation with ARENCOS can effectively provide advice on buildings and projects throughout the Prefecture of Chania. The experience of our consultants, backed by our network, allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to clients on new developments and projects no matter their size or complexity.

Technical Due Diligence

Our expertise in technical due diligence reveals the true value of a property and its assets, starting with a building survey, and including the assessment of specifications and drawings, against industry standards, assessing repairing obligations, reviewing legal contracts, preparing budget schedules, writing reports, and entering into negotiations to protect our client’s position.

Digital Asset Management

We help our clients meet the power of BIG Data, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. With ARENCOS Digital Ecosystem we produce stunning digital experiences. The main purpose of our digital consultancy services is to assist property owners, investors and companies achieve their goals in digital transformation and operational excellence.

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