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We’re committed to helping you succeed.

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Performance Excellence is our Commitment

Our standards of conduct include rules of ethics and a number of mandatory standards that apply to all professional members of our firm.

Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES identify “Ethical Values” as basic policies, procedures, and rules that our teams and partners have to comply with. By Ethical Values, our goal is to ensure that our team demonstrates behaviors with high interaction standards and ensure that we demonstrate the highest quality attitudes.


Honesty: Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES manage all their activities and services based on the principle of honesty. They act with integrity and honesty in their relations with employees, property sellers, property buyers, investors and stakeholders.

Transparency: Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES are clear and open in their relations with employees, property sellers, property buyers, investors, and all stakeholders. We provide clear, correct, complete, and timely information in our entire services.

Neutrality: Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES do not make discriminate among employees, property sellers, property buyers, investors, and other stakeholders based on religion, language, race, gender, health conditions, marital status, political opinion etc. Our teams treat everyone fair and equally and refrain from biased behaviors.

Customer orientation: Customers are always right and providing service to them is the highest priority for our employees. Each customer is important regardless of their property size or amount of transaction.

Confidentiality: Confidential information of employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders is carefully protected. Disclosure of such information to third parties is not permitted.

Compliance with laws: Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES perform all their activities according to laws and regulations. We closely follow up laws, real estate standards, and regulations and we take necessary measures for compliance.

We expect our real estate team to:

Serve Our Clients: We determine our success as a real estate firm by the value we produce for our clients.

Support Our People: Our employees are our most valuable resources.

Aspire to Leadership: We strive to be the best in everything we do and in every property we serve.

These values are supported by our core beliefs in ethics, integrity and teamwork. Our compensation and benefits are structured to ensure that our people work together toward success.

We’re committed to helping you succeed!

ARENCORES and CHANIA REAL ESTATE business approach emphasizes business process as an essential driver to success. We believe real estate agencies’ operational visions and objectives can rarely be met only by acquiring and implementing new technology.

To achieve excellence on real estate transactions, multiple dimensions of the enterprise must be transformed – first business process, then technology and last property listing and property marketing.

Real estate process must be reviewed and standardized to incorporate best practices and national standards. Technology solutions need to support real estate transactions and procedures to enhance operational efficiencies and facilitate decision making.

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