Why We Are Different

For over six years, we’ve offered outstanding property, specialist services and expert advice to property buyers, sellers and investors.


What It Means To Choose Chania Real Estate

Our integrity; tenacity, expertise and our “client first” culture separate us from the crowd of typical real estate agencies. They offer properties, we deliver solutions.

Founded in Chania, Crete, Chania Real Estate (ARENCORES) is one of the leading property agency firms in Crete. For over six years, we’ve offered outstanding property, specialist services and expert advice to property buyers, sellers and investors, assisting them with their property-making decisions and ambitions.

Chania Real Estate offers a broad range of integrated services, including engineering, transaction and project management; property management; investment management; appraisal and valuation; property strategic consulting; property marketing and sales; advisory and development services.

Our Goal: Your Satisfaction

An Integrated Approach

We are Chania real estate specialists. We work in no other industry sector and we focus only on the real estate market of Chania.

Our team members are experts in every phase of the real estate transaction process, from conducting strategic planning to asset management and from property valuation to project development and can provide end-to-end solutions that deliver meaningful, measurable results.

Continuous Innovation

Advances in technology, communications and social media are transforming the real estate industry on a daily basis. Effectively marketing to an increasingly fragmented global real estate market is the key to realising the social and economic benefits that real estate can provide.

We continuously monitor those changes on a local and global level and create new tools, platforms, and applications that will deliver tangible benefits to the property assets, projects and locations where we work.

A Long Term Commitment

Our integrated approach is centred upon property marketing strategies, social networks, and sales channels that we manage and will continue to provide to our global clientele.

We believe real estate is a service that can be used to create a lot of good. And we understand that we need to do our part to ensure it’s being used in this way.

We Help Set The Standard

Chania Real Estate and ARENCORES led several groundbreaking real estate initiatives including the Chania Real Estate Magazine and the Passive Listing Platform, which aim to revolutionize the way people buy and sell properties in Crete.

Do you need an agent?

Buy or sell your property with Chania Real Estate. Historical prices, inspections, negotiations legality checks and other dedicated services are available to facilitate your decision making.

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